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  • Company: Dimogroup Ltd
  • Phone: +44 208 1333 215
  • Fax: +44 208 7115 891
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Terms and Conditions

Dimogroup LTD. named Dimogroup.net in the future provides its service to you, subject to the following Terms of Service, which can be modified by Dimogroup.net from time to time without prior notice. You are obliged to familiarize yourself with Terms of Service prior to registration. Your registration with Dimogroup.net will automatically be qualified as complete acceptance of our Terms of Service and will constitute a binding contract which makes both parties responsible for thorough observation of all parts of the Terms of Service. 

1. General Terms. 

1.1 Deposits are made via EgoPay (USD/EUR) , Perfect Money (USD/EUR), Wire Transfer (USD/EUR), VISA and Master Card (LiqPay and OkPay) USD/EUR , OkPay (USD/EUR), Interkassa (USD/EUR).

1.2 You can make another deposits via EgoPay (USD/EUR) , Perfect Money (USD/EUR), Wire Transfer (USD/EUR), VISA and Master Card (LiqPay and OkPay) USD/EUR , OkPay (USD/EUR), Interkassa (USD/EUR) at any time.

1.3 The minimum deposit (both initial and additional) requirement is 100 USD/EUR.

1.4 Weekly Interest rate varies from minus up to 10% per week depending on the Investment Plan.

1.5 Also company can propose special conditions and interest  in case of large investment amount.

1.6 Interest payments are made every business week. Withdrawal request will be process Monday through Friday.

1.7 Interest is paid into Withdrawable Balance in your Dimogroup.net account. It can then be withdrawn into your EgoPay (USD/EUR) , Perfect Money (USD/EUR), Wire Transfer (USD/EUR), VISA and Master Card (LiqPay and OkPay) USD/EUR , OkPay (USD/EUR).

1.8 All requests for withdrawals of funds from Withdrawable Balance into your EgoPay (USD/EUR) , Perfect Money (USD/EUR), OkPay (USD/EUR), account are processed manually within 12 to 72 business hours from the moment we receive the withdrawal request.

1.9 All requests for withdrawals of funds from Withdrawable Balance into your bank account (USD/EUR) , VISA and Master Card (LiqPay) USD/EUR account are processed manually within 3 to 5 business days from the moment we receive the withdrawal request.

1.10 The minimum amount you can withdraw into your EgoPay (USD/EUR) , Perfect Money (USD/EUR), OkPay (USD/EUR),  account is 0.01 USD/EUR.

1.11 The minimum amount you can withdraw using Wire Transfer, VISA and Master Card (LiqPay) is 1000 USD/EUR.

1.12 You can re-deposit funds from Withdrawable Balance in your account into Account Principal at any time.

1.13 Account Principal (including Compounded Interest, if you have any) is locked in for the term of calendar days from the date of the deposit into your Dimogroup.net account.

1.14 We pay referral commission of 4% on every deposit via EgoPay (USD/EUR) , Perfect Money (USD/EUR), Wire Transfer (USD/EUR), VISA and Master Card (LiqPay and OkPay) USD/EUR , OkPay (USD/EUR), Interkassa (USD/EUR) made by your referrals.

1.15 Referral commissions are paid into Withdrawable Balance Instantly after Deposit process.

1.16 We offer compounding for all plans from 0%-100%.

1.17 Dimogroup.net has such no extra withdrawals fees only those which is charged by payment systems.

1.18 Dimogroup.net can not guarantee Client principal in the force major conditions.

1.19 Dimogroup.net have no problem with any country and can work with all countries.

1.20 Dimogroup.net can change investment plans of all there clients and terms of this investment plans  acording to the trade that it has.

1.21 Dimogroup.net have rights to verify all clients deposits and accounts .

1.22 Dimogroup.net must provide support to the Client for some problem or question.

1.23 Dimogroup.net have floating interest which can be changed from one week or month to another and can be in minus.

1.24 Dimogroup.net have a right to charge extra 40% -95 % fee if client change his withdrawal account from one payment system to another . 

1.25 Dimogroup.net have a right to charge extra 40% -95 % if the client withdrawal account   are diferent from deposited account . 

1.26 Dimogroup.net have a right to change client investment plan depending on the trading strategy that it has in this period of time .

1.27 Dimogroup.net have a right to process part of withdrawal amount of one or several clients  and pay the rest of amount with next withdrawal or add it  and pay with initial principal withdrawal . 

1.28 Dimogroup.net must update Client  account and add funds to it as soon as receive confirmation from the Bank . 

1.30 Dimogroup.net can change the interest rates and conditions for all weekly plans with out the prior notice of a Client.  

1.31 Company pay 4%-10% referral comission to representatives from every referral, from every new active investor. 

1.32 Client can withdrawal his principal any time he wants with 40%-95% penalty withdrawal fee. Company decides about the amount of penalty withdrawal fee by it self. 

1.33 Dimogroup.net can move Client from any weekly plan to another plan with out the prior notice of a Client.

1.34 If the Client withdrawal did not process properly by Dimogroup.net, Client have a right in 24 hours term and with providing all proofs of it to ask for compensation for the rest amount that Dimogroup.net did not pay him. 

1.35 Dimogroup.net can process round amounts. 

1.36  Weekly interest can be in plus or in minus depending from Dimogroup.net traders results.

2.1 Dimogroup.net will deliver its services only to those customers who are of legal age in particular jurisdictions they are citizens of or reside in. Legal age may vary between 18 and 21. By signing up with us you state under the penalty of perjury that you are at least 18 or older depending on the legal age in your jurisdiction.

2.2 You state that you are not a member, agent, informant, or employee of or in any other way related to any investigative, law enforcement, media, news or governmental agencies of any country.

2.3 You understand that under no circumstances should anything found on this site be considered or construed as an offer to sell securities or a solicitation to invest in any investment opportunity.

2.4 You understand and accept the fact that Dimogroup.net disclaims any liability for performance of any investment which comes to Your attention here on this web site. You bear total responsibility for all decisions made. You also agree to invest money that you can afford to lose.

2.5 You understand and agree that all information you receive from Dimogroup.net is unsolicited, private communication of privileged, proprietary, and confidential information intended for You only. You agree to keep it private and not to disclose to any third party unless this information is obviously of a public nature. 

2.6 You understand and agree that  Dimogroup.net can change or modify all Terms and Conditions  with out previous notice and in any time . 


3.Privacy Policy.

3.1 We respect your privacy. Dimogroup.net will use the information you provide only to verify your identity, and may later on use the information you submit to notify you about Dimogroup.net products and services that you may find useful. 

3.2 Under no circumstances will we never sell or lease the info you provide to any third party.

4 Anti-Spam Policy. 

4.1 Our attitude towards spam is zero-tolerance.

4.2 Any members caught spamming will permanently lose memberships 

4.3 Members are allowed to post messages advertising us only on special boards in chatrooms where such posting is allowed. 

4.4 If you plan to advertise us on the web, you have to observe our strict anti-spam policy.

Interest Ratio

up to 10.0%

Weekly floating interest
no minimum to withdraw
Special conditions for VIP clients


Referral Commission


Special conditions for partners

Currencies accepted
visa_mastercard perfectmoney
okpay liqpay
interkassa bankwire
  • Dean Meats Canberra, AU

    Dimogroup LTD is the only fund on the internet I tried. But after it I even don't want to use something else. What I like here best of all? Above all I like the simplicity of the relationship between any investor and the company and between different participant's.

  • Dan Rise Wilson New York City, US

    It's a perfect company for me ! This guys know what i want. I am 100% sure that i moving with them in right direction. God bless you !

  • Franchesko Pisano Milan, IT

    This company draw me attention 2 years ago and since then i am still there client. You ask me why ? It is very simple: best support , pretty good stable income and fast withdrawals directly on me bank account. So i have pick me company and it's Dimogroup LTD :).