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  • Company: Dimogroup Ltd
  • Phone: +44 208 1333 215
  • Fax: +44 208 7115 891
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About Us

We are a group of experienced traders and market analysts. After years of professional trading, we have joined our skills, knowledge, and talents in the effort to bring a new reliable investment opportunity.

We do not claim the highest interest rates available online and this has never been our primary aim. The priority of the company is using ultra-modern and profitable investment tools with the purpose of making the profits declared and meeting the requirements taken to our investors.

Dimogroup Ltd are also making the investment to the countries of Africa, India, and the Middle East. In Dimogroup Ltd, we strongly believe in the value of applying empirical, fundamental research to uncover the best quantitative stock selection strategies.

By some risk management methods we assure that your investment is safe with us with minimum risk. So diversification helps to reduce investment risks because in case of weakness in one sector the other sectors still guarantee the good profit. Diversification helps to reduce investment risks. By owning stocks of multiple companies, the funds share value is not devastated if an individual stock performs poorly.

Why Choos us

Dimogroup Ltd. is an independently owned and operated company consisting of nothing but experienced, highly-trained financial professionals. Established in early 2007, we first offered our unique services “offline” only. The results were so positive, and the feedback so tremendous that we decided in 2010 to offer our services to the entire world.

Our mission

We undertake our quest with the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs, excited by the constant search for innovation. We value performance achieved with integrity. We will attain success as a world-class leader with each and every one of our people contributing with passion and an unmatched sense of urgency.

Our strategy is to build a long-term partnership with the customers. With their support, we aim to maximize the potential of our business.


As it has already been noticed, we deal with high profitable markets, which allow getting maximum profit possible condition to minimum risk applied.
One of the main things here, which is really worth saying is that getting high profit on high profitable spheres of the market, would be impossible without avoiding the tax pressure. That is why the main task here is to make a profit we get tax-free, condition to absolute confidentiality.

There are currently more and more people, sick and tired of the tax pressure, willing not just to invest. They are eager to make good money in a legal way. This is possible using the offshore tools, not open to most individuals and potential investors.
Being highly experienced working offshore, we offer our potential investors an opportunity to make all the transactions using e-currencies. All information, about our investors, is secure and confidential.
Any individual (18 years or older) or institution is welcome to make deposits to our investment plans and get your profit in an absolutely legal and confidential way.

Interest Ratio

up to 10.0%

Weekly floating interest
no minimum to withdraw
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  • Dan Rise Wilson New York City, US

    It's a perfect company for me! These guys know what I want. I am 100% sure that I moving with them in the right direction. God bless you!

  • Andrew Watts London, UK

    Nice and fast-growing company. I working with them for more than 5 years. It's unbelievable how do they make my investments work for me. I am happy to work with them and be a part of this huge investment community.

  • Dean Meats Canberra, AU

    Dimogroup LTD is the only fund on the internet I tried. But after it, I even don't want to use something else. What do I like here best of all? Above all, I like the simplicity of the relationship between an investor and the company and between different participant's.

  • Franchesko Pisano Milan, IT

    This company draw my attention 2 years ago and since then I am still their client. You ask me why? It is very simple: best support, pretty good stable income and fast withdrawals directly on my bank account. So I have picked me company and it's Dimogroup LTD :).